ASQ Section 1118 CQE Exam Prep Webinar

Aug 28, 2009 at 04:18 pm by admin

Course Description, Outline, and Attendee Materials
The CQE Prep Class will be a webinar-based series of on-line meetings to review the CQE Body of Knowledge and typical CQE Exam questions. The proposed CQE Exam Prep course consists of eight consecutive 3-hour meetings each Monday evening from 5:00-8:00pm beginning on Monday, 5 Oct 09 and running through Monday,23 Nov 09.  There will be a short, 10 minute, break midway through each of the sessions.
The proposed sessions of the CQE Exam Prep course are based on the sections of the CQE Primer, 8th edition published by the Quality Council of Indiana. The sessions will reordered to move the review of statistical methods earlier in time so that the attendee will have more study time for those topics. The percentage of time allotted for each chapter of the CQE Primer is proportioned as closely as possible to the number of questions on the CQE Exam that pertain to that topic. Approximately half of each session will be allotted to reviewing the chapter contents and the remaining half to typical CQE Exam questions. A breakdown of the CQE Primer topic by session is shown in the following table.

Oct 5
Certification Overview
Management & Leadership
Quality Systems
Oct 12
Product & Process Design
Oct 19
Basic Statistics
Oct 26
Statistical Applications
Nov 2
Advanced Statistics
Nov 9
Product & Process Control
Nov 16
Testing & Measurement
Control & Management Tools
Nov 23
Improvement Techniques
Exam Prep & Wrap-up

Refer to the CQE Body of Knowledge and QCI’s website  for further details of session content.
Attendees will be given guidance on preparing a binder of essential materials to take to the CQE Examination.

Webinar Logistics
The webinar will utilize the support services of for the duration of the eight sessions. Each registered and paid attendee will be given the information to allow them to attend the webinar through that website. Since the proposed CQE Exam Prep course is webinar-based, the typical attendee would be from ASQ Section 1118, however, attendees from outside Section 1118 are certainly welcome to attend.
The video portion (Powerpoint slide show) of each session will be available via the attendee’s computer once they are logged into the webinar. The audio portion of each session will be handled via a normal phone line to avoid dropped calls using VOIP and the requirement for an attendee to have a microphone attached to their computer.  The links, phone numbers, and passcodes will be issued via email to each attendee prior to the start of each session.
Each attendee will be responsible to obtain their personal copy of the CQE Primer since attendees may be widely distributed geographically.
A course evaluation will be provided to each of the attendees for their assessment of the training effectiveness. Course certificates will be provided upon request; the attainment of CQE status by the attendee is of more importance than having attended the CQE Exam Prep course.

Registration and Cost
To register for the CQE Exam Prep Webinar, contact Phil Ross at (931) 359-9424 (office), (931) 993-7544 (mobile), or at  Registrations will be limited to 25 attendees to be able to manage questions and discussion during the webinar. 

The cost of this eight-session course is $400.00 per individual attending the webinar.  The enrollment fee should be paid to Quality Services International, Inc. in the form of  a check or provide a Purchase Order Number that may be used for invoicing purposes.  Upon receipt of a check or PO#, a person will be considered to be registered for the class.  Cancellation by the registered party within 14 days of the start date will result in only 50% of the class fee being returned.  A full refund will be made if the class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or prior to 14 days of the start date.

An attendee will have to order their own personal copy of the CQE Primer by Quality Council of Indiana .  The CQE Primer costs approximately $85.00 (includes shipping).  The Primer cost will be the responsibility of the registered person regardless of whether the course is conducted or not.

The instructor will be Phillip J. Ross, currently a member ASQ Middle TN Section 1118 and a Certified Quality Engineer.

Phillip J. Ross is a mechanical engineering graduate of General Motors Institute (BME 1970). The majority of his career has been associated with General Motors automotive powertrain industry from the product design/development aspect; first working with Allison Transmission Division from 1970 to 1987 and then with Saturn Corporation until 1996. Assignments have included working in the design phase of many transmission components and systems, developing statistical/quality methods and training, and performing process development including lost foam casting, painting, molding, and others. Mr. Ross is an ASQ Fellow (2007) and Certified Quality Engineer (1993), the holder of three patents on product design, and in 1996, retired from GM with 30 years of service. In 2009, he received the Forest R. McFarland award from SAE for outstanding contributions to professional development.
Mr. Ross is President of Quality Services International, Inc. (Tenn.) which is dedicated to providing quality and statistical training and assistance for their customers. He has taught statistical and quality classes in the United States, Great Britain, Holland, Japan, Spain and Singapore accumulating over 4500 hours of time in classroom training. Training topics include such things as Quality Function Deployment, Design of Experiments, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, Measurement Systems Analysis, Statistical Process Control, and Manufacturing Problem Solving. Clients have varied over several industries including Raymark (friction materials), Reynolds Aluminum, Steel Founder’s Society of America, Georgetown Steel, Grede Foundries (gray iron), ECC International, (kaolin clay), Oxford Instruments (superconducting wire and nuclear measurement), Pace Industries (aluminum die castings), Cordis Corp. (heart catheters & stents), ACD Tridon Corp. (extruded rubber products), Gamesa (Wind Generation) and others.
Mr. Ross has authored a book and several articles such as “Taguchi Techniques for Quality Engineering” (now in Second Edition, 1996), which was first published by McGraw-Hill in September 1988 and has sold over 35,000 copies worldwide; an article entitled “The Role of Taguchi Methods and Design of Experiments in QFD” which was published in June 1988 in Quality Progress by ASQC; and article entitled “Education, Training, and Implementation of Design of Experiments” which was published in the fall, 1988 issue of Target by AME.