Message from the Education Chair

May 30, 2008 at 01:13 am by admin


Section 1118 has a $1000 scholarship available to full-time students attending colleges/universities in the Middle Tennessee ASQ Section 1118 area, section members and their families.  This scholarship has been indefinitely suspended.  The decision to re-instate this annual scholarship will be made each year when developing the Business Plan at the October Board Meeting.


When the scholarship is re-instated, applications (get latest from Education Chair) must be submitted to the Section 1118 Education Chair ( between November 1 and February 28. The scholarship is publicized on the section website. The Education committee (the Education Chair and two other board/committee members) determine an award recipient. Preference is given to applicants who have not previously received the award. Minimum requirements for award consideration: 1) Applicant or family member must be ASQ members or 2) Applicant must be attending a college/university in the Middle Tennessee Section 1118 area. The award recipient is recommended to the Executive Board for approval and announced/awarded at the April Membership Meeting. Award recipient is requested to attend the April meeting to receive the award and be photographed for publication on the section web site.

The awarded $1,000 is given to the recipient.  A receipt of the usage of the award is required from the college/university.  Criteria for the award is the applicant’s GPA, their career objectives, essay and response to application questions. Courses of study should be relative to the pursuit of quality, including, but not limited to engineering, healthcare or education.



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