Overview of certification process & requirements

Aug 05, 2008 at 04:15 pm by admin

How do I become certified?

Certification is generally obtained by following these steps:

Obtain a degree of some type and/or experience in your field of interest.  During this time the person seeking certification should gain the knowledge, skills, and experience associated with a specific Body of Knowledge by reading, attending continuing education classes, and by using the methods associated with that BoK.  This time period is great for taking some of the Certification Development classes offered by Section 1118.  Also, prior to applying for or taking an examination, it is recommended that a person attend a Certification Exam Preparation class or do some extensive study with certification preparation materials.

Pass an examination that addresses your field of interest.   To see when examinations are offered, go to: http://www.asq.org/certification/dates.html 

What is the Body of Knowledge?

Each certification has its own Body of Knowledge which describes the area of expertise for that certification.  To see the different BoKs associated with the different certifications go to: http://www.asq.org/certification/prepare.html

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