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This page is exclusively for the use of the Sectional Leadership Team to assist them in performing their duties concerning website administration and sectional management.

Job Instructions
The following JIs augment, but do not replace, the job responsibilities & qualifications provided by ASQ HQ under their "Member Leader Community of Practice-Positions" webpage.  These JIs are for more specific responsibilties for our sectional operation.

Click on the links below to obtain a copy of the job instructions for that role:



Programs Chair 

Publicity Chair & Postcard Publishing

Membership Chair

Healthcare Chair


Responsibility Matrix by Sectional Role 

Click on the links below to obtain a copy of the tutorials for website administration:

Login & selecting an article

Editing an article

Adding an article

Adding a link

Uploading membership attendance data

Uploading membership meeting survey summary

Creating a new member list

Creating mailing lists

Uploading email lists

Mailing newsletter (eParadigm)

Changing forwarding email addresses

Updating Next Meeting Information

Accessing Officer Information

Updating eParadigm Content

Buying ePostage

Click on the links below to obtain a copy of the form:

Meeting Sign-in Sheet

Tour Sign-in Sheet

Meeting evaluation form

Complimentary meeting coupon

Scholarship Evaluation Criteria/Form

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